9 thoughts on “#38 Age

  1. The hard paradoxical Truth, is that, even when you exist outside of Time, in Eternity, the same holds true.

    Because Love is Forever, and Hearts can be broken, again and again and again.

    Real Existence is not always easy. Pain is a facet of the Real, BUT, it IS Real, and it IS Forever.

    And on the flip side, one can always fall in love again, or come together again, Forever and Ever.

    Eternal Life would be boring if it was always ‘good times’…

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    • Reminds me of a quote from Clouds Atlas:

      “I believe death is only a door. When it closes, another opens. If I cared to imagine a heaven, I would imagine a door opening and behind it, I would find him there.”

      Yes, love is eternal……it’s just a reunion…which is happening now and will repeat in the future as it’s just too big to fit in one world only.

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