13 thoughts on “#61 Tunnel

  1. And that tunnel becomes “was,” when one alights in the light, realizing, all along, it is that light, which was beckoning from the end of the tunnel, to the endless light….


      • Thanks…. At the same time, there are many ways to expressing everything and anything, all perceptual, and each unique, best in its place. Had it not been so, would it have evoked the evoked?

        Important is to keep expressing, as, the journey of realization proceeds with and through self-expression….

        Your posts are looked forward to!

        Warm regards and wishes,

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      • Thank you…. And though haven’t been reading all your posts, whatever I have been, resonates with “Creative Mind,” and more…as clear and palpable are receipts fro the Source…. Thank you…. Yes…this journey, individual as well as collective, with the oneness at source, creativity, the expression of divinity, is brought out from within…with these inter-actions, as all that is within, when resonates with that without, comes out that which does…. Warm regards and wishes,


  2. Yes, the 64 Million Dollar question…

    It’s extremely important not to be alone, and I don’t mean romance, I mean brothers and sisters, or aka Sangha, or Real Community..

    The saying: ‘Where two or more gather, There I AM…’, is for Realskies. 🙂

    Back to Desiderata: ‘Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.’

    And Fear, is a Killer.

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  3. There are many many ways to answer this question, and also on many different levels.

    One answer could be ‘both’.

    From a different angle, and on a different level, there is the saying,
    ‘When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears.’

    Or, ‘During times of loneliness and isolation, you focus on loving You and filling your Heart with Love for You and also Universal Love. This does two things: it helps big time to help alleviate one’s current suffering, and/or take a step forward on their Spiritual Path, but in this context, most importantly, it’s puts you in the perfect place/space to organically attract your brothers and sisters, and/or or one of your Soul Mates.

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  4. That makes me VERY happy to hear. 🙂

    But also, don’t forget, you are one of the ‘special ones’. It’s ok to acknowledge that and OWN it (even if other people don’t like it because it makes them feel ‘lesser’, that is their problem, not yours.)

    Special Ones are watched over in a ‘special’ way 😉

    This will pass, great things are coming for you and to you.

    How do I know this???

    Because I Know this. 🙂

    Great Peace and Blessings upon you, ye, the ‘Cream of the Crop’ xoxoxo

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