14 thoughts on “#141 Roles

  1. I cant bring myself to like some of these cause it would feel like, liking something that hurt you. but I do appreciate that they are smart and strong and some of them are funny with just a little smartass in them

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      • I’m working on the music for a couple. When I don’t have anything to write I am just going back and recording the older stuff. I don’t really know how it comes across but everything I write pretty much is done to be read or spoken. Its weird hearing my own voice.

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      • Then, Yes Mam 🙂 thank you. I’m not usually very shy but when it comes to this stuff I feel like a boy again. I like it.


      • Not thought of them as “works” before kinda “fancy” for a country boy. That is most gracious 🙂 My initial goal was not to be laughed off the internet. then I thought maybe somebody might give me a pity like and then I thought somebody might put some of it on their refrigerator with the other crayon artwork that is there. That was my ultimate. Still is. 🙂 But its fun and if you dont laugh (out loud) then I would like to keep doing it.

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      • Maybe thats why they are successful….because your intention was simply “share yourself” with people through your writings….and everything that is genuine with good intention counts double more no?:) But now, when u have lot of positive feeeback, I guess its time to rethink your intentions and write more!!:)

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      • 🙂 thank you. Its fun. Especially now that I get to interact with people like yourself who are thoughtful enough to encourage me.

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