#342 The dots that we are

I imagine us as tiny moving dots that are connected to each other and when one moves, the other one moves too. And when one stops, the other one stops. Sometimes you know the dots you are connected with and sometimes you don’t.

And some days, when you really can not move, the other dots move instead of you. And other times, when they can not move, you move with them.

I imagine us as tiny dots that are moving the Universe every single day. If you are reading this, please don’t stop moving.

Someone maybe can’t.


9 thoughts on “#342 The dots that we are

  1. There’s this weird philosophical guy, Alan Watts, who I’ve recently discovered and started listening to a bit, and he talks about how we’re all extensions of the world rather than things that have just decided to hang around here, uninvited. What you’ve written really reminds me of it, and goes even deeper and makes me think about the idea we exist because of and thanks to other people as well. Very helpful for me, I think, to believe we are important to each others existence.
    Which is all a very long and pretentious way of saying, much good! I like this a lot!

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    • Hello Danny,

      thank you very much for your kind words. Yes, Alan Watts is surely an inspiration. I very much agree with you 🙂 I also love the book and a wonderful movie The Clouds Atlas by David Mitchell, which beautifully displays relations between us. I wish you all your connections lead you to a place you wish to go to 🙂

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  2. my words scrambled eggs with chopped spring onions
    your words crystal clear water describing accurately my experience
    I guess I need both now

    our undressed truths on a single line
    our whites and yolks mixed with the Milky way
    I guess again you are a dot that moves for me when I stop moving
    and for the first time our dots mirrored
    if you move now, know that I will stop for the night 🙂

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    • Hello wonderful dot out there, thank you for your lines. I keep moving as much as I can and I believe so do you. Let’s not give up 🙂 And by the time it will be ok, we can pull each other 🙂

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